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Kwame Acheampong

Kwame Acheampong is an experienced technologist and
entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in transactional
systems across several sectors including investment banking and
internet. He currently is the Head of Africa for MallforAfrica a
Helios backed ecommerce & fulfillment platform serving Africa &
Middle East.
Prior to that Kwame has held senior positions at Google and
DoubleClick where he was at the forefront of monetisation
technologies that have. In 2011 he branched out and founded
ProfPAy, an online payment and fulfilment gateway addressing the
ecommerce and fintech need in Africa.
Before branching out into technology, Kwame worked as a Sound
Engineer, which presented him with the unique opportunity to work
with some of the world’s top artists and numerous music and
sound projects. His experience in the music and art industry
cultivated his creative flair, and his tenacity to think out of the box.
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